Thursday, November 24, 2011

Remote Spyware for Cell Phones - is there a remote spyware for cell phones that works?

Q: Remote Spyware for Cell Phones - I want to spy on my girlfriends cell phone. I think she may be cheating. There is no way I can get access to her cell phone to install regular spyware to it. I already purchased on remote spyware app called clubmz. It was only $15 but it was complete garbage and I did not see until afterwords there is no technical support and no guarantee. Does anyone (who knows what they are talking about) know a remote spyware for mobile phones that works?

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No topic is fraught with more mis information that remote spy for cell phones. First let me introduce myself. I am an Android OS software programmer. There is only one remote spy program that comes with guarantee and technical support and that is cell control ( The have a 30 day money back guarantee. This is the ONLY remote spy ware for cell phones that I know or have heard of that works.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

REMOTE TRACK CELL PHONE CALLS - How to remote track mobile calls

How to Remote Track Cell Phone Calls

Cell Control Spy is a TOTALLY REMOTE cell phone spy software program.This remote install cell phone software does NOT require you ever get access to the phone you want to spy on to install spy software. This is one of the things that makes cell control spy so unique, so powerful, and so popular. The way you remote track cell phone calls with cell control is,,,
  1. Once you have installed cell control to your own cell phone (as soon as you purchase and download cell control instructions for different cell phones are included) is you launch the cell control spy application. 
  2. Choose the appropriate menu item (set call monitor or initiate call monitor)
  3. Establish a connection with that cell phone by calling it. If you don't want the other person to know you are calling you can either call private or use a popular caller ID spoofing service like spoof call.
  4. Stay connected with the cell phone for at least 30 seconds. If it goes to their voicemail that is fine too.
  5. After 30 seconds you can hang up. Your cell phone is now frequency paired with the one whose cell phone calls you want to track.
  6. Any time that cell phone now makes or receives a phone call your cell phone will buzz at which point you select the appropriate menu item to be patched into that phone conversation live. Neither person will know you have intercepted and are now tracking that phone call remotely.
As you can see how to remote track cell phone calls is not complicated and it is not expensive as cell control remote tracking program only costs $69 and there are no recurring fees ever again.

Does Cell Control REALLY Work?

Does Cell Control Remote Cell Phone Spy REALLY Work?

This has to be one of the most asked questions about remote cell phone spying I have every seen. YES Cell Control Spy REALLY does work. Here is the problem people are having with cell control spy though. For some reason, unknown to me, a great majority of the people who download Cell Control spy to spy on another persons phone with out having to access that cell phone to install the spy software to it are technically retarded. A lot of these Cell Control spy enthusiasts don't even know how to unzip a zip file. So then they are quick to blame Cell Control and accuse Cell Control of being a scam when it is not!

To help out Cell Control purchasers here is some pretty detailed instructions for installing Cell Control. It is a 100% FREE Cell Control install manual. Although the page says CellSpyNow install instructions the instructions for installing any remote cell phone spy are pretty much identical.

If you do not already have Cell Control you can Download Cell Control here. As soon as you make the one time payment of $69 they will send you a Cell Control confirmation code. Visit the download page of the cell control spy file and enter the cell control confirmation code. You can then download cell control to start remotely spying on anyone's cell phone.

Monday, November 14, 2011


  GPS tracking a cell phone is accomplished because most cell phones today have a device built in to accept a GPS coordinate signal. The reason cell phones utilize this technology is this GPS technology is needed for many cell phone apps today such as turn by turn directions to be navigated to a destination. 

  Remote GPS tracking takes advantage of this signal and can relay the coordinate location of a cell phone to YOU. This can be accomplished on of two ways:
  1. Install a spy and monitor app to a cell phone. Use the web browser built in to the cell phone to download this app which takes about five minutes to do. From that point on no matter how far away that cell phone is from you you can log in to the cell phone monitoring members area web site to view the immediate and past locations of travel of the mobile device. This is why it is referred to as REMOTE GPS tracking. All cell spy software has GPS tracking as one of its cell phone monitoring features. Examples include spybubble, mobilespy, and mobistealth. This can present a problem for some people because quite often the phone you want to GPS track has a password on it so you can't get in to install the remote gps tracking app. This is a common situation in relationships where your partner may be cheating on you and you wish to utilize the remote GPS tracking as a way to catch the infidelity. Another roadblock to this method is perhaps you can't get access to the mobile phone at all to install the GPS tracking app.
  2. Install Cell Control remote cell phone spy to remote GPS track a cell phone. The remote spy app goes on your cell phone and not the target.


  Many of the more expensive mobile phone spy programs allow you to intercept and listen to cell phone conversations that are live and in progress. Examples of such cell spy programs that have the remote call monitoring feature include Flexispy.

  The way the remote call monitoring feature works for these cell spy programs is when the phone with the spy app installed makes or receives a phone call you get sent an SMS notifying you. You then call the target device and get instantly patched into the mobile conversation.

  The main catch with these more advanced spy programs is:

  1. The price. Flexispy costs $349 for one year of their spy phone service with the live call monitoring feature.
  2. The fact you have to get access to the target phone to install the spy app to it.
  With cell control spy the spy program gets installed to YOUR cell phone and not the target. One of cell controls spy features is live call monitoring/live call interception. But with Cell Control you DO NOT need to get access to the target phone to install anything and it only costs $69.

  Beside Remote call monitoring here are all of Cell Control remote cell spy features:
  1. Listen to Live Calls
  2. Read Text messages
  3. SMS Logging (Incoming / Outgoing)
  4. GPS Tracking
  5. Email Logging (Incoming / Outgoing)
  6. Call History (Incoming / Outgoing)
  7. Call Duration (Incoming / Outgoing)
  8. Environment Listening ( Bugging Device)
  9. Contact Name in Address Book Linked to each call/sms
  10. SIM Change SMS Notification
  11. Software Based Solution
  12. Search and Download All Records
  13. 100 % Undetectable
  14. Remote Control
  15. Instantly Download


  To remotely install a cell phone spyware you have to use a special kind of cell spyware for this purpose. You can't remotely install any cell phone spy app that is not meant to be installed remotely. For example popular cell spyware such as flexispy, mobistealth, and phonebeagle are all fantastic cell spy program but there is NO WAY your going to install this kind of spy program to a mobile device remotely.

  You specifically have to use remote cell phone spy. The main problem is most cell phone spy programs are complete garbage. A lot of people get succored into this type of cell phone spy because the price is so cheap, usually around $15. Case in point is Clubmz and Club009. Both of these remote spyware apps specifically state in their terms and condition when you purchase their remote cell spy there are no guarantees and no help. The key to purchasing a quality cell spy that can be installed remotely is look at the remote spy web sites guarantee of satisfaction and look at the technical support. If the remote spy app has neither and not both then you are most likely throwing you hard earned money down the drain. The ONLY remote spy app so far with a guarantee and support is CellControl remote spy. Cell control comes with complete instructions for spying on Blackberry, spying on LG phones, spying on Sony Ericsson, spying on Samsung, how to install cell phone spy software remotely to just about any cell phone.
Cell Control spy satisfaction guarantee


  In order to remote SMS spy (spy on the text messages of a cell phone without having to install the spy software program to it) you need to use a remote mobile spy program. there are many different remote spy programs you can use to remote SMS spy. Here is a short list of a few of them:

  When it comes to remote SMS spying the only one I would ever recommend is cell control spy. Cell control spy is the only remote SMS spy software program that comes with technical support and a full money back guarantee. That speaks volumes to the effectiveness of a spy program for spying on text messages remotely.

  The way a remote text message spy program works is when the cell phone you are spying on sends or receives a text message an exact duplicate of that text message is also displayed on the screen of your cell phone. There is no members area for you to have to log on to view the SMS messages of the other cell phone. This obviously makes a remote text message spy program much stealthier than typical spy software like spy bubble.